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Excellent Passive Income

Provide various financial services from your shop and quickly increase your monthly salary.


Mobile recharges are our daily requirement. And there are a lot of people in our country who still roam around in search of people who can help them with their recharge. This is why, Soulpay has taken this initiative to help the underserved population. Customers can walk into the nearest retail store and can get recharge done in less than a minute. Retailers get additional benefits by helping the rural population. They can surprisingly achieve a good commission through our Soulpay engine. So, with minimal investment, a retailer can expect a good return.

DTH Payment

Our friendly Soulpay platform will provide your customers ease in paying DTH recharge bills. Almost every home in India uses dish service so it is accessible to an attractive commission on the service you provide.

Provide your customers the option to take DTH services and data cards from you, and you will get a recurring income on every transaction. The convenience you provide your customers will become your profit at the end of the day.

Money Transfer

Around 20% of the total Indian population is still without a bank account. It means they don't have any medium to transfer money to their family. However, Soulpay has come forward with a quick and safe way to send money without visiting any bank branch. Customers need to visit their nearest Soulpay retail store and can send money anywhere in India. They can use this facility to deposit cash into their accounts.

Money transfer option is a great way to earn additional income and so more people are joining Soulpay community to receive attractive commission on each transaction.

Bill Payment

There are a lot of utility bills that every household needs to pay each month. Soulpay ensures that customers do not stand in a long queue waiting for their turn to come. By visiting any Soulpay retailer, they can pay the electricity, water, or other bills without hassle.

Become a Soulpay retailer and offer your customers accessible utility bill payment services and secure a monthly income option for yourself. The application is easy to use and rotates money frequently.


Every customer looks for a safe and easy method to withdraw cash from their bank account. What if they don't have to visit any bank or ATM to withdraw money or check balance? It is now possible with the help of the Soulpay App.

As a Soulpay retailer, you can provide your customers with Aadhaar banking services by using Adhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). Apart from cash, customers can also withdraw government relief funds by using their fingerprints.

Credit Card Payment

Sometimes people can miss paying the credit card payments. Provide your helping hand to them by making their credit card payments through Soulpay Application across 20+ banks. As the customer will be paying credit card payments every month, you will get a recurring income opportunity without any effort.

Soulpay convenience and benefits are transferred from customers to retailers and then to the distributors.

Train Booking

Booking train tickets in India is still not easy. People need to stand in long queues for booking their train tickets. But Solupay comes with a stress-free solution.

Attract more customers by helping them book train tickets from your shop. Use our user-friendly application and offer your customers a hassle-free ticket booking experience. Of course, you earn on every transaction.

Flight Booking

Attract a maximum number of customers to book flight tickets at competitive rates and earn great commissions. Customers will not have to face any hassle as it is the most secure way to book flight tickets. Render the best services to your customers by becoming a Soulpay retailer and earning a lucrative passive income every month.

Bus Bookings

The booking bus ticket was never this easy. Be a part of the Soulpay network and provide the underserved and unreached population with accessible bus ticket booking services. The customers simply need to visit your store, and by using our app, you can help them book tickets in less than a minute. You can also provide a complete range of bus operators in India to your customers, which will attract them, and your customer range will increase. This is the best way to an extra income by rendering services to those you need them badly.


Paying EMIs is no more a hassle with Soulpay. Be a Soulpay retailer and allow your customers and collection agents to pay their EMIs at your store.

You can inform the customers about this exceptional service that doesn't require them to go to any company branch or Bank. Offer your customers with 24*7 CMS facility and on at every deposit.

Micro ATM

Withdrawing cash without looking for any ATM or visiting a bank is possible only through the Soulpay network. A Soulpay retailer can himself be a human ATM and can provide cash withdrawals to the customers.

As a soulpay retailer, you can also allow your customers to pay through credit card for purchases. You can handle balance inquiries, and with your exceptional customer service, you can surprisingly earn more than your expectations. It is the simplest way to perform different banking transactions.

Indo-Nepal Pay

You can provide an excellent Indo Nepal remittance facility to your customers. The underserved section of our country who don't have a bank account but their relatives in Nepal can get the direct money transferability facility through the Soulpay app.

A Soulpay retailer can help the unreached population transfer their love in remittance to their loved ones living in Nepal. You will earn a good commission in return.